Peking University – Acceptance Rate, Ranking, Notable Alumni, and More

The most populous capital city in the world, Peking University, also known as Beijing University, offers a unique educational experience that is only available to international and domestic students alike.

Peking University – Acceptance Rate, Ranking, Notable Alumni, and More

Beijing is a world-class city in culture, commerce technologies, politics education, diplomacy, and education that translate into a variety of possibilities for leisure and professional opportunities to Peking University students. Beijing leads the world in the amount of research conducted with seven of the most prestigious institutions in China.

Peking University is a reflection of the success and flourishing industries in Beijing. Because of the excellence of its courses and the geographical location, graduates of Peking University are highly sought-after in the global work market, but are lagging just behind Cambridge, MIT, and Harvard.

Since its establishment at the age of 1998, Peking University has been in the forefront of important intellectual and cultural developments in both contemporary and modern Chinese culture. In the early quarter into the twentieth century Peking faculty and students played significant role during The May Fourth and New Culture Movements.

Peking University – Acceptance Rate, Ranking, Notable Alumni, and More

Through the 80s the name of the university was a symbol of student protests and activism including the Tiananmen Square protests in 1989.

In the present the university is renowned for its contribution to the modern Chinese culture. It is among the oldest and most important higher-education institutions in China and has internationally recognized programs that are consistently among the best. In addition to its academic and cultural contribution, Peking University is home to an impressive campus as well as the largest library of its kind in Asia.

Peking University Ranking

Peking University – Acceptance Rate, Ranking, Notable Alumni, and More

Peking University is one of the top universities worldwide according to according to the criteria of top ranking publications. Although the methodology and rankings are different between rankings, one point is unambiguous: Peking has earned its status among the top universities around the globe.

According to US News & World Report which is a highly regarded publication Peking is ranked #51 in the best universities countries worldwide, and is which is tied with McGill University. A few of the programs at Peking are among the top spot, with programs that span various fields, however, the STEM programs are particularly notable.

Chemistry, geosciences, computer science, materials science, and nanoscience/nanotechnology all fall in the top 20 internationally.

Peking excels on the lists of a variety of organisations and publications of rankings. Due to its top-quality faculty, extensive research output, and postgraduation results, Peking has landed the number 23 spot in the World University Rankings list, the highest position ever! The scores of Peking in these areas have increased dramatically in the past five years.

The Center for World University Rankings ranks Peking among the top 100 in its ranking, ranked #59. Peking is praised by its research excellence that we previously mentioned in our review on this USNWR ranking.

It is also among the top universities with postgraduate opportunities for employment. Peking’s reputation as a top-quality institution is also evident by its highest ranking on The QS Top Universities, ranking at #18.

Peking University – Acceptance Rate, Ranking, Notable Alumni, and More

Peking’s global renown is translated into incredible, if perhaps more outstanding regional rankings. Every year, the school is always in contention to be the first in the Chinese University Alumni Association’s list for the top Chinese universities. In 2019, it was ranked 2nd, being beaten out by Tsinghua University.

Peking University Notable Alumni

Peking University – Acceptance Rate, Ranking, Notable Alumni, and More

With such a prestigious reputation, it’s not come as a shock to learn that Peking University has an impressive list of alumni who have contributed significantly to the local community and throughout the globe. The quality of a school is measured by the accomplishments and influence of its graduates. Peking isn’t an exception.

Peking is known for producing the most prominent politician in China. While it is renowned for its training of political leaders, Peking alumni have made significant contributions to various areas, such as sciences, humanities, sciences and economics.

Notable alumni include chess master Hou Yifan, who’s accomplishments are a four-time Women’s World Chess Champion and the first female player to be awarded the title of grandmaster. Polish billionaire, businesswoman Dominika Kulczyk and the best-selling author Lulu Wang, are Peking alumni.

We’ve mentioned earlier that the school is famous for its graduates, including prominent politicians as well as political leaders. Some of the names on this listing are Wang Dang, the Chinese democratic movement’s leader, as well as the disability activist Deng Pufang.

Naturally, Peking is home to its fair amount of world-class scholars and educators in its alumni, including the world-renowned linguist Michael Halliday, Chinese economic historian, Shang Yue, and philosopher, Li Bulou.

Peking Alum is found across the globe and can have a substantial global impact.

Peking University Tuition

Peking University – Acceptance Rate, Ranking, Notable Alumni, and More

International students pay tuition dependent on a range of variables. STEM-related tuition is more expensive than cost of humanities and liberal arts. The tuition for STEM degrees is higher at 4,000 Yuan that is about 600 dollars more.

The cost of tuition for humanities/liberal and STEM is 26,000 yuan and 30 Yuan in each case. The price is higher for seniors who attend visiting classes and rates are higher for students in graduate degree conferring programs.

It is the tuition only but other costs aren’t included in these figures. Students could anticipate paying an additional 45,000 yuan to cover room and board, as well as an additional 5,000 Yuan for transport and additional costs.

To cover some of the costs, Peking offers merit-based scholarships. They offer the Undergraduate academic Excellence Scholarship is awarded to 30 students who are eligible for the third year each year. It is worth approximately 3000 Yuan.

International students are also eligible to submit an application for Peking University Scholarship. It is available in both a partial and full award. The scholarship is renewable for 4 years for undergraduate degrees. The scholarship recipients are assessed annually to determine the validity of the award for the next year.

American students who aren’t given the scholarships, or who’s award isn’t sufficient to pay for expenses, can check the FAFSA site for assistance alternatives. A number of international schools participate in the Federal Student Loan program. At present, Peking does not participate in this program however it’s recommended students planning to pursue a degree at the school to keep an eye on this list.

Peking University Acceptance Rate for International Students and How to Apply

Peking University – Acceptance Rate, Ranking, Notable Alumni, and More

Students from abroad have greater chance of getting admitted to Peking University than those from the country in the end, it seems. According to EduRank their acceptance rate for international students is an astonishingly low one percent!

For international students the acceptance rate for international students is approximately 15 percent. Peking certainly takes pride in being a top international university.

To be eligible for an application for admission, students from abroad must demonstrate Chinese proficiency. This is in addition to typical application materials including letter of reference, personal letter detailing aspirations and goals along with academic transcripts, as well as passport details.

If accepted to the program, students will be given the chance to study Chinese as an additional language, and English-taught classes in the initial two semesters. The admissions committee will reach out to prospective students to schedule an interview or other applications at least eight to a week after the deadline for applications.

Based on the admission rates mentioned above it is likely that admissions for students from the US is highly competitive as well as difficult for international students.

Peking University – Acceptance Rate, Ranking, Notable Alumni, and More

Peking has not released any information on the profile of students who have matriculated therefore, we are unable to provide an idea of the requirements to be accepted. In general, it’s much easier than international applicants to be accepted.

Are you a good candidate for Peking University right for You?

Peking University – Acceptance Rate, Ranking, Notable Alumni, and More

STEM-related majors are the most sought-after options to students attending Peking. However, Peking is an excellent option for any student who is looking to blend their love for the sciences and their interest about Chinese tradition and history.

A degree from an elite university in Beijing can be a chance to enrich your undergraduate experience with a fascinating and diverse culture. Most likely, this is one of the main reasons to study abroad to begin with.

Peking is a prestigious institution with an array of students. Students who are interested in Chinese tradition and culture can benefit and learn from taking classes here.

At Peking students form part of an international student body. There are 38,500 students at the university, and 6,100 of them include international students. Certain students excel in a school with a lot of students. Others are more comfortable in smaller schools; the sheer number of students in a large urban setting can be overwhelming.

Peking students are cosmopolitan and curious in their views. Finding out if a school is the right match is as crucial as picking a major and assessing the atmosphere of the school and its ideals is an integral element of this process.