Top 23+ Target Interview Questions & Answers (Most Asked Questions & Answers Included)

Looking for the Target interview questions and answers? Then we are sure to show you (Top 23+ most target interviews and answers in 2021. In’case you have secured your place for an interview with target, we believe you are one step closer to getting your desired jobs at one of the biggest and largest department stores in the globe.

No you don’t have to be scared whenever you hear about the targets, see ways to surpass target questions to land your dream jobs at Target.

Check below to see everything you need to know about Target and how to easily swipe up their interview in a bit.


About Target

According to Wikipedia Target Corporation is known as one of the American retail corporation. It’s the eighth largest and biggest retailer in the United States. It’s comprises of the S&P 500 Index. Target was established herself as the discount division of the Dayton’s Company of Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1962.Target interview

It’s began it’s expansion in 1980s Nationwide (as part of the Dayton-Hudson corporation) and now went on to introduce new store platform under the targets brand in the 1990s. The company has then achieved many great things as a cheap-chic player in the industry.

The Parents company was renamed the target corporation in 2000, and then divested herself to the last department store chains on 2004. During that time, it’s suffered from a massive and highly publication security breach of customers credits card data and the failure of it’s short time target Canada subsidy in the early 2010s.

Meanwhile it’s has experienced revitalization success with it’s expansion across the Urban market within the United States. In 2019, Target is operated within 1,844 stores across the United States. The company is ranked 37 on 2020 fortune and 500 list in the largest United States Corporation by total revenue.

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Now if you are interested in seeing how to easily surpass Target interview questions then, below here are few things you should need to know before preparing for Targets Interviews for your dream jobs.

Is it hard to get a job at Target?

Some people who enroll online and the hiring procedures usually takes some times, (few weeks). Meanwhile if you are applying for a position of a team member. You will definitely have an in person interview. However, do well to keep in touch with your interviewers through a mail and or phone. The goal and process is making sure you didn’t missed any moment from it.

Is working at Target Hard?

All kinds of jobs usually has it effects, you wouldn’t just expect food on a table without needing to work for it. The target job’s are some of the most easy but the management will be needing high performance from you. Working at Target are easier for some. Meanwhile their are many target who are understaffed, I got a job a some company that’s give me a hard time, (I had to quit, not for a reasons but for my own peace of mind)

What is the easiest position at Target?

Usually many people has been asking which job is the easiest position while working with Target? Honestly its no other than the Cashier, due to the fact it’s very simple to learn and it helps with customers services skills. (A physically able, getting a shop carts, Best, a cashier is a good idea. They will be trained and shown what to do for days or some mentorship program with few days and times.

How long does a Target interview take?

Target Interview

They questions is how long does it’s take target interviews for entry-level position? It’s approximately 10 to 30 minutes, which ever way it’s a second interview or maybe third, more information and details will be needed by them

Does Target get paid weekly?

As a most asked questions. For this good questions is that’s Target doesn’t pay weekly. Target Pays within two weeks or biweekly. The usually began around Saturday and the ending weeks. Then the payments is initiated on the following Friday.

Who pays more Walmart or Target?

One would be asking who pays more than the others? It’s a likely questions to be asked, of the top 3 common jobs within the two companies, Target salaries is known to be $23,115 higher than Walmart.

How much does target pay an Hour 2021?

How much does target pay per hour? Around July, the Minneapolis based company made a good on, target to raise it starting pay from ($13 to 15$) at ending of the year.

Is working at Target good?

Target Interview

Yes, it’s one of the good things you could find at Target, imagine working with different people who embraced target, with this you will experience diversity, culture among co-workers. Target is a great company to begin and work with, they offer some good features, benefits, local discount and a great environment to work with.

What should I wear to Target interview?

Target Interview

Normally people get scared of what to wear while going for a target interview, imagine being on a dress which is not suitable? An interviewer will really expect high from you, so why let’s them down? So what should a candidate wear for a job interview? Target Employee, (Business Apparel). Across target, you should always wear a shirt and tie or a dress up shirt. Just get a nice and casual dress to start with.

Does target hold first paycheck?

A good question right their, does target hold first paycheck? Target pays based on biweekly, so it’s depends on you, either you start working on a paid week or non paid week, your paycheck may be with held within a week.

What’s the highest paying job at Target?

Target Interview

It’s always important to see how much paying job at a company, this will determine for you which one to go for. At Target managing director is the highest paying with $187,000 yearly.

What’s target’s dress code?

Target Interview

The dress code at target comprises of red shirt with Khaki pants or skirts as of 2021. The employees can however wear anyone of the red shirt either “Polo, sweater, hoodies”. Meanwhile some outlets does allow employees to wear jeans. So at target we encourages employees to be decent, be on a good attire, and uniquely in fashion.

Can you wear jeans to a target interview?

Another debated questions from applicant enrolling for target, so can you wear jeans to a target interviews? It’s necessary to avoid wearing jeans. You could make sure your cloths are neat and ironed without wrinkles, and no pot holes around it. Whichever way clothes could be another necessary things to think of but it’s necessary to be in a good mood, smile greatly and get some confidence up your chest.

Should I wear red to a target interview?

Yes you can wear red shirts and Khaki pants. For instance nice shirt, tie and slacks.

Does target give you a shirt?

Target InterviewProbably yes, they are going to give you two and your name tag with it on your orientation day. Meanwhile you don’t need to wear target shirts, you just need to wear red. The target will give you a red shirts if you make choice for volunteering for charity or a prize.

Do I need to bring my resume to a target interview?

You don’t need a resume or any CV to apply for a position, but it’s applauded you can likely make a choice to upload documents or credentials like your resumes, CVs, letters of recommendation, references and cover letters during the application procedures.

What happens at Target second interview?

Unlike other companies that’s has one entry requirements interviews. Target has two face-to-face interview, the first one with a team lead and another one with a manager.

What type of questions does target ask in an interview?

There are many kind of questions that’s Target ask about, but what are the likely one? Target tends to ask several questions both on the First section and the second.

Target questions usually comes like this, what can you tell us about yourself, what do you know about target, also why do you wish to work at target and what hours can you work in? And lastly where you see yourself in the next five years. Finally you have to explain why you should hired for this job opportunity?

Top 23+ Target Interview Questions & Answers in 2021

Target Interview

Like we stated above here about what types of questions does target ask in an interview. One of the most likely asked questions are tend to start with the first which are?

(1) What Can you tell us about yourself?

Every job interview will likely want to know who you are, what you are doing, previous job, blah blah, just take a few breath and talk about your work experience, your respective background, what you are made of and how great you are. Then, talk about your interests, hobbies and what you are good at, so by doing so, you are expected to focus on the part that’s defines you. To make an impression you need to make the interviewer see you as someone who is likely to secure this job.

Another thing is that you can talk about your experiences, training, your work goals, things which are good and great about you, just make it brief with a smile. In’case you are on of those applicants looking for positions in various stages in company, this is the time to proof your self-worth, what’s you are made of and how you the interviewer should see’s you.

(2) Tell us what you know about Target?

Theirs no determined moment of any questions being asked, you just need to know some of this stuff. When asked tell us about what you know about Target. It’s important to know about the company you are going to work for. We know before you started preparing for Target interviews, you are to have likely knew something about them. So it’s great to know about some of the key factors about Target.

We all understood that’s Target Corporation is known as one of the American retail corporation. It’s the eighth largest and biggest retailer in the United States. It’s comprises of the S&P 500 Index.

Target was established herself as the discount division of the Dayton’s Company of Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1962. It’s began it’s expansion in 1980s Nationwide (as part of the Dayton-Hudson corporation) and now went on to introduce new store platform under the targets brand in the 1990s.

Somehow as an applicant we know, you have known some few things about Target, to know about them, some of the basics things about them, CLICK HERE to read some important information about Target, and also, some of the most likely things you should know about Target are:

What to know about Target!

  • Target Corporation is known as one of the American retail corporation. It’s the eighth largest and biggest retailer in the United States.
  • The company was founded in 1962 in Roseville, Minnesota.
    Approximately has over 1,800 stores Nationwide.
  • Target is a fortune 500 company.
    Target partners with Starbucks for more than 20 years and have over 1300 cafes in their store outlets.
  • The pharmacy is been operated by CVS.
  • Known as an upscale discount retailer
  • Target has their own credit card (Red card)
  • Motto: Expect more, pay less.
    Target dog mascot is named (Bullseye)

(3) Why do you want to Work at Target Corporation?

Some other most likely questions would be, why do you want to work at Target? These are one of the things to talk about when you are been asked why do you want to work at target? First you should start by saying that’s Target has (Experienced revitalization success with it’s expansion across the Urban market within the United States. In 2019, Target is operated within 1,844 stores across the United States. The company is ranked 37 on 2020 fortune and 500 list in the largest United States Corporation by total revenue)

Also state the facts about them, their products, how it’s has been improving and impacting life across the country, since you found them doing great, you would wish to join this team and keep improving humanity.

(4). What Hours are You Available?

This moment you will be asked which hours will you be available to work? This means that’s the interviewer wish to know the moment you will definitely be available for work. For him to know when, this will determine in arranging Staff who will take over your place once you out of work or unavailable.

So if you have different time schedules, you should tell the interviewer the honest truth when and time you won’t be able to make it to work or unavailable. For instance if you are a student, you have to tell them which time you will not be able to make it to work due to lectures and other stuff.

(5) Why Choose this Position from other positions?

Most likely asked questions. You will be asked why choosing this position instead of another? It’s in your faith to tell the interviewer that’s you are capable and fit, experienced, and technical skills to be in the position you are seeking into.

Your answer should be something like this (I am applying to this position because I have been into similar roles before at where I have been working and also I know the technical skills to implement this job if given. Also you can say you are considering this job as a beginning points of your careers as you prepare towards management.

(6) Which Impact will you give Target if Accepted?

These are one of the most important part of your interview as this would be reason you will be given a chance if you are to work with target? Now do you know something that’s make them think bold about them? It’s time, give it all you got. This could be what’s you are capable of doing, your roles, the experiences gotten and skills to implement on.

You could chip in your answers like this, I have worked at different outlets and and I have been hearing good things about target, I can guarantee that’s of given a chance I will do everything within me to improve the quality of the company both in and out, since I have worked at different places I now have little experience and would implement my skills where necessary.

(7) What’s your strengths and weak points?

For some basically reasons, this questions are likely to be thrown at you, what your strength or weak points? It’s important for the interviewer to ask such questions, this is to determine how far you will tend to go or assigned to some task at work. At this point if you are not physically fit for such role then once you are to be hired you will be assigned to another position.

So for you to stand out for this question, you need to compose a well sounding sentences, share your quality concerning this job, your experience, how good you are, then keep in mind you are asked to also share your weak points. Here you could go like this (I love to be friendly with Customers and I may overthink sometimes. Meanwhile I have a great mentor who is helping me handle that’s)

(8) How Motivated will you be in this Job?

This is another great challenge and questions to attend to, but somehow it’s looks easier if you know what to compose or what you are doing or how great you. As a target employee, you should be okay with doing the same thing and procedures every single day. When been asked how motivated you are, don’t not mention money as a source of income material things, that’s not what am employer is looking for.

To answer this, you could begin with, I love to put great pride for my work. A customer oriented person, making Customers satisfied with my work will make me feel better and proud to chip in more effort to work hard and go further with my job goal. In other hand, you will say you don’t have a problem with role of being a routine job, also you can mention what you do and how you will tell your successful jobs and life target, sharing how I become Target most admired worker will be my sole purpose.

(9) What makes a good team member?

At target there’s are many staff and members working on various aspects or position. We all know target is a biggest and largest store outlets in the world. This makes target want to hire someone who will do into the outlet and the company.

Your answer should be channeled to your value and complexity, communication and assignments and how capable you are to work with the great team making name for Target.

(10) Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Since Target is one of the largest store outlets and a fortune 500 company, countless of chances for career expansion, opportunities for jobs at target, merely looking at their jobs applications, you will admired that’s theirs is a place for you in next few years to come, they more experienced you are, they more more opportunities are open for you at target.

Fortunately target train applicants for a certain jobs areas, but companies wouldn’t wish to invest heavily on applicants who isn’t working to stay for a bit longer than. So getting promoted from sales to management is one of the main career admiration and achievement. And an added educational levels will give an advanced advantage of you.

(11) Explain what good customer service is all about?

This could be a review or something that’s the customers find admired while making use of target. To be more specific about this questions, you could look into the Target Official Website to know and see what’s the Customers are talking about customers service.

We can note about the target motto says (Expect more, pay less) on their websites it’s explain the value, aim, goals, mission goal. To help all household get the best of life, that’s our mission, the roles of surprises, fun, ease without minding where and when you visit and shop with target. Give other valid informations you could think about.

(12) A customer comes to you and annoyed, what will you do?

They answer to this questionaire could be easy and as well hard for others. When asked if a customer comes to you and annoyed, what will you do? The first step to do is to find out why such customer is annoyed, what you need to do explain how you would calm the situation down.

Like we said here above it’s one of the easiest questionnaire and could likewise be hard to. They first step to take is by asking such customer (How may I be of help? And why are you this upset?) It’s now left for the customer to give you reasonable answers of what you could assist them with.

(13) Customer is sad for not seeing a desired Products, Explain how you will help?

If a customer is feeling sad for not seeing a desired products, and you are been asked how you will assist. Why target asked this question is because they don’t want customers be leaving the store for another, for instance customers demand for a certain and it’s not within, it’s necessary to check within, or tell customer when such item or products will be made available.

For instance if a customer can’t find a certain products and theirs another place it’s can been located in the store, it’s a great thing to assist the customer, instead of keep calm and avoiding to be of help. Meanwhile what you are going to do is what you tell the interviewer.

(14) Customer is Upset for Products not meeting their satisfaction?

In this situation, first thing to do is find out they are willing to exchange the product with another or probably return the product back and then forward their issues with the customer service care?

Like we said earlier, best form of representing a customer is to follow Target corporation Customer policies. At target we have appropriate guidelines concerning refund and exchange. The authority staff will need to make adjustments by themselves and should adhere to Target polices not to break it. Hereby referring the customer to customer service representative is a good solution.

(15) Two managers assigned you to different options, which one will you attend first?

For instance if a two managers assigned you to different options, which one will you attend first? I must say it’s a critical questions, but compose yourself and give a great response to the interview.

They right answer is a good communication. Both the two managers wouldn’t know who or when they both assigned you to different options at same time. So having a good communication with them is a punch line for a good team members.

(16) What to do if Customer report you of Bad Customer Service?

This proof that’s you need to prove you can handle bad side or any negative feedback or response. As could customer, no need arguing or denials towards your clients. An adage always says (Customers are always right). Comfortability towards customers prove how self-worth you are. Show you can be a helpful assistance.

Now to answer this question, you should first explain how you would react to the story, and also say I think that’s has a little chances of occuring, given that’s I have always prepared to execute my work and set a good records for a good customer service. However if in’case such thing happened, just explain to the interviewer that’s you would go a long way to set everything right and apologize for such behavior and write your wrong right.

(17) How will you respond if you see co-worker talking bad about another co-worker?

Instead of giving your energy to people talking bad about someone, same energy can be applied to your job and get the best out of it. Proof you can really focus on your work, don’t accommodate gossiping around you..

To answer this, you can start by saying you don’t like discussion of talking about people. To answer the interviewer, you first of say, what they are talking aren’t true and would continue to my work. We all understand that gossiping is not avoidable but I would love to stay out of it. I believe my job is my target, aim and goal and this is why I came to Target, to accelerate.

(18) What questions do you have for me?

This is another reasons you should be working with target, the interviewer will ask such questionnaire. To you this comprises schedule time availability and others stuff. Now this is your chance and opportunity to proof you are best for this position.

By doing this, you can begin with by asking ( what is the toughest challenge new hires need to overcome in this position?, What is the training chances are meant for this job or future jobs?, And lastly what do you love most in working with target?).

(19) The Manager reports negative feedback on a work issue, what will be your response?

How you handle things sometimes reflect to your personality. If you have a bad manner, attitude, sometimes it’s takes pleasure over actions, a positive manner, within your work-life, co-workers, team members and your respective job excellence will proof standard action about this.

For instance you might want to take the chance of explaining how far you made measures, improvement towards where you are lacking behind, and also showcasing your good attitude and a kind-hearted bravery.

However you could use the chances to proof and explain how you rightly amended the negative response given by the manager feedback.

Other Most likely asked questions at Target

Target interview

You are asked to do something bad someone at high-level, what will be your response?

You see another employee taking some bucks of dollars from the cashier, what your response?

What to do if a Customer Insists an items Costs lower than the marked price?

What can you tell us about the current CEO of Target?

What would you do if one of your co-workers didn’t offer fair treatment to a client?

Can you handle tech, hardware or computers?

Are you willing to work during the holiday seasons?

When would you be available for starting the job?


These are one of the major questions to be asked whenever you are been interviewed by the interviewers at target. You can carefully ready more about it and memorize it. So that’s you will stand in a great position among all.

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