University of Melbourne – Acceptance Rate, Ranking, Notable Alumni, and More

The majority of countries have their own terminology to define their most prestigious institutions of higher education, University of Melbourne is one. Australians have their own term for their first six schools “sandstone institutions.”

University of Melbourne – Acceptance Rate, Ranking, Notable Alumni, and More

The six institutions comprise the nation’s first college, known as the University of Sydney, but as well the school founded just three years after and was named The University of Melbourne.

Since its establishment by the year 1853 The University of Melbourne has become the most revered institution in Australia and is among the top in the world.

The university is associated with a variety of institutes and research centers throughout the nation such as The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research and the the Florey Institute for Neuroscience and Mental Health as well as The Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research and the Grattan Institute.

U Melbourne also features fifteen graduate schools, including The Melbourne Business School, the Melbourne Law School, and the Melbourne Medical School.

Each aspect of the school strives to reflect its mission and its symbolism. Its roots are in the state of Victoria U Melbourne’s coat of arms is the blue shield with the image of Victory who is holding laurel wreaths over its stars from the Southern Cross.

In English”Postera crescam laude,” the motto for the English school “Postera crescam”laude” is “later I will be enriched by praising.”

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University of Melbourne Acceptance Rate

In contrast to other sandstone universities in the area, unlike other schools, the University of Melbourne is remarkably accessible. The university does not provide specific figures, however many experts estimate that 70-80 percent of applicants are offered admission.

For those who are in the 20-30 percent of students who are rejected, this number isn’t particularly significant, but it’s vital to look at these figures in the context of. We’ll be able to see in a moment that U Melbourne has an excellent reputation and is among the best universities in the world. Other schools that have similar rankings including Ivy League universities in the United States, only accept about 5% of applicants. The University of Sydney, U Melbourne’s slightly less ranked older sister, accepts only 30% of applicants.

However it’s equally important to be aware of the school’s global image. From the 52,000 students that attend the school, around 42% of them are other countries than Australia.

This is why the 70 to 80 percent of applicants that receive admissions offers contain many international students, thereby increasing the difficulties.

Furthermore, certain programs within the college have lower rates of admission. Pre-med and law programs are, for instance, significantly more competitive.

In spite of these qualifications however, it is easier to join to the University of Melbourne than many other institutions of similar calibre. Since it is an institution of public interest that is committed to improving the standard of Australian minds, U Melbourne does all that it can to help educate the citizens of Australia as well as expose students to the world. global.

University of Melbourne Ranking

University of Melbourne – Acceptance Rate, Ranking, Notable Alumni, and More

While it is true that the University of Melbourne is not selective when it comes to acceptance rates It is a great and highly regarded institution.

According to the global universities list by U.S. News & World Report, U Melbourne sits at 25th place and is in the top position of universities across Australia as well as New Zealand. It also awards the U Melbourne’s programs high marks. individual programs.

The school’s offerings in the fields of humanities and the arts and social sciences, immunology and neurosciences are in the top 25 programs in the world.

Nearly every other media outlet has U Melbourne in similarly high respect. According to U Melbourne is ranked 37th globally and is praised for its academic excellence and its status as an employer and the percentage of faculty members who are international as well as students.

Based on the Times World University Rankings, U Melbourne is the 31st top university in the world and was awarded this rank due to the citations of academics and professionals as well as an international outlook.

The Center for World University Rankings offers U Melbourne an overall score of 83.7 which is most 63rd-highest worldwide. The Center places the school at number one in Australia and ranks it 36th worldwide in terms of its research quality.

There are many variations in these particular schools, but all the major sources are in agreement. They all agree that the University of Melbourne is the top university in Australia and is among the top schools in the world.

University of Melbourne Notable Alumni

The highest-ranked university in Australia It’s not a surprise that the alumni from Melbourne’s University of Melbourne have become experts in their field. The university has educated four Australian prime ministers as well as five governors general, and also a number of Nobel Prize winners.

Australian premier ministres Alfred Deakin, Julia Gillard, Harold Holt, and Sir Robert Menzies are U Melbourne graduates, as are governors general in Australia Sir Zelman Cowen, Peter Hollingworth, Sir Isaac Isaacs, and Sir Ninian Stephen.

University of Melbourne – Acceptance Rate, Ranking, Notable Alumni, and More

Governors from Victoria who attended U Melbourne include Alex Chernov, David de Kretser, Sir James Gobbo, John Landy, Richard McGarvie, and Sir Henry Winneke.

It is also the place of birth of business professionals who have achieved great success among them Qantas Airways chairman Leigh Clifford as well as the former ANZ Bank chairman Charles Goode, Morgan Stanley CEO and chairman James P. Gorman, and Village Roadshow executive chairman Robert Kirby.

In the realm of literature and philosophy The University of Melbourne has trained activists for animal rights Peter Singer, crime writer Kerry Greenwood, and novelist Gerald Murnane. Other notable academics are Rhodes scholar Sir John Behan, former University of Cambridge Vice-Chancellor Alec Broers, and Harvard University art historian Maria Gough.

The University of Melbourne has made significant contributions to the field of popular culture too.

Some of the most well-known stars who attended the U Melbourne School are the actors Tahir Raj Bhasin Elizabeth Debicki, and Portia de Rossi. Many accomplished animators and directors have were educated at U Melbourne, including Adam Elliot, Rob Stitch, and Sarah Watt.

University of Melbourne Tuition

Since it’s an institution of higher education that aims to enhance the lives of its students It is no wonder that the University of Melbourne keeps its tuition fees relatively low.

This doesn’t mean that it’s inexpensive to attend classes in U Melbourne, but it isn’t quite as expensive than other universities with the same caliber.

As with the majority of public institutions in Australia there are many factors that influence the price of tuition However, none are more important than the status of your residency.

The tuition cost is considerably lower for domestic students, which includes Australian permanent residents or citizens, New Zealand citizens, or Australian humanitarian visa holders. The majority of students from the country are eligible to be the Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP) This is a way for the Australian Government is able to partially subsidise tuition fees.

The amount that students must to pay following the CSP is different based on the academic band to the subject’s academic band.


For Band One, which includes nursing, humanities visual arts, humanities as well as other courses students pay 3,950.00 per year.

Band Two includes subjects like agriculture, mathematics and computing. It costs an average of 7,950.00 every year.

Student members in band Three are required to pay AUD 11,300.00 annually to dentistry, medicine as well as vet science.


The subjects of accounting administration, law, and accounting fall under the band of Four that cost the taxpayer AUD 14,500.00 annually.

International students cannot be eligible for the CSP and thus have to pay a little more for tuition. The school doesn’t separate classes taken by international students into groups, however tuition rates vary according to the school they are studying.

For instance, students from abroad studying engineering, agriculture sciences, and vet science programs pay about AUD 44,256 per year.

For instance, those who study in the visual, music and performing arts classes will be paying between $ 22,240 and 58,496 USD each year.

University of Melbourne Acceptance Rate for International Students

While it’s certainly more costly the international student to be enrolled in Melbourne’s University of Melbourne, the school definitely encourages students from all over the world.

It believes that having a varied student population can enrich the lives of the domestic students. Therefore, 42% of the students are from outside Australia.

While this is a pretty large proportion however, international students need to be cautious regarding their application. The university offers lots of assistance to help international students Australia get through the application process however, it requires an abundance of information to collect and provide.

At the most basic stage, students have to complete their Victorian Certificate of Education or equivalent qualifications. In many instances programs, they require additional information for students from abroad such as pre-requisite subjects, test preparation such as the submission of portfolios and interviews or auditions.

Students must also be able to demonstrate their English proficiency. This is done through completing a certified course or passing an English exam.

In order to help cover the costs of the cost of attending U Melbourne, the school is also recommending international students to make use of scholarships. These financial aids can include work-study scholarships, merit scholarships and grants for students from specific countries.

The tools suggested by these indicate that U Melbourne welcomes applications from students from all over the world. The university does everything it can to help students from abroad and make sure they to feel at ease while they study.

Are you a good candidate for your choice at University of Melbourne Right For You?

With an incredible history of distinguished alumni and research as well as innovation The University of Melbourne has built its reputation as one of the top universities in the world.

Some applicants might take a take a look at the U Melbourne’s requirements and determine they can’t be accepted despite the school’s excellent acceptance rate.

Before transferring at a different school, the students should do best to take a look at what U Melbourne offers.

As we’ve seen before, U Melbourne is the most prestigious institution in Australia and among the top around the globe. If U Melbourne’s famous alumni did not convince you there’s ample evidence to show that U Melbourne graduates go on to enjoy happy and financially successful career paths.

Students from other countries will have to pay more to attend school.

The different cultures can be quite shocking to those who are living in North America, especially the distinct seasons and weather. It’s important to remember the fact that U Melbourne is happy to assist international students as often as we can, with everything including scholarships and administrative assistance.